RAIO verwarmingspaneel voor badkamer

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Project bathroom for small home

I would like to share with you my sincere satisfaction with the RAIO heating panel that we installed in our new bathroom. As parents of two young children, we wanted to ensure that the bathroom was a warm and comfortable environment for our children, especially on cold winter days. After some research, we chose the RAIO heating panel and we are very happy with the result.

Project bathroom for small home

Our new bathroom was realized by the company ‘De Tichelaar’, which is a professional RAIO partner. ‘De Tichelaar’ carefully integrated the RAIO heating panel into the design of the bathroom and the result is absolutely beautiful.

The first thing that struck us was the efficiency of the heating panel. The RAIO panel heats our bathroom very quickly, so we do not have to wait long before it’s nice and warm. This is particularly useful in the morning when we do not have much time and want to get our children into the shower quickly.

In addition, no complicated installation is required, so installation costs are kept within the budget. We are also impressed by the panel’s energy efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent thermostat and the timer function, we can set exactly when the heating should and should not be switched on. This allows us to save on energy costs and do something for the environment.

Another big plus, is the fact that RAIO is a local product and is handmade in Belgium, as well as the safety of the RAIO heating panel. As we have young children in the house, it was important for us to have a safe heating solution. The panel is completely flat and has no flammable elements, so we don’t have to worry about accidents.

Finally, we would like to emphasize how aesthetically pleasing the RAIO panel is. The modern design, combined with the craftsmanship of ‘De Tichelaar’, fits in perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. In addition, the panel takes up very little space, which is very pleasant due to its minimalist presence.

Project bathroom for small home

In short, we can highly recommend the RAIO heating panel to other families. Not only does it provide fast and efficient heating, but it is also safe, energy-efficient, and has a beautiful design. Our bathroom is now the warm and comfortable space we envisioned, and we are very grateful for the practical and effective solution that the RAIO panel has offered us.

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