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Experience the pleasant warmth of RAIO in your home.. RAIO’s innovative & energy efficient infrared heating panels




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RAIO infraroodpaneel aan muur


Wit RAIO infraroodpanel aan plafond badkamer

Surface mounted

RAIO is changing the heating industry forever

Energy efficient

No power loss

Increased comfort

Simple and budget friendly installation

At temperature in no time

Nearly unlimited lifespan

No maintenance

Smart design

High ROI

Heating in zones


Handmade in Belgium

Why choose RAIO?

Heat your home with cosy warmth

RAIO infrared panel on the kitchen ceiling
RAIO infrared panel on sloping roof bathroom
RAIO infrared panel on the kitchen wall

Want to know more?

Want to feel the warm embrace of RAIO? You can expect this…

RAIO infrared heating panels radiate a pleasant warmth in every room of your home. Unlike conventional infrared panels, they emit their warmth faster, at a wider angle and with a higher surface temperature, but they are also help you save money.

The innovative graphene technology combined with the carefully selected materials, offer numerous advantages. Your warmth is generated and distributed efficiently in your space. RAIO distributes your warmth evenly over a large area.

Experience the convenience and durability of RAIO radiant panels. The lack of moving parts virtually eliminates wear and tear. Once installed, RAIO requires no maintenance; it is THE worry-free solution. This means you can expect a long and reliable service life, enjoying the warmth and comfort provided by RAIO without any disturbance.

Wit langwerpig RAIO infraroodpaneel aan muur
Wit RAIO infraroodpaneel aan muur



119,3 x 53,3 x 5,06 cm for about 16 – 18 m²

900 Watt


59,3 x 59,3 x 5,06 cm for about 6 – 8 m²

450 Watt





RAIO infraroodpaneel aan plafond

Surface mounted

RAIO infraroodpaneel aan plafond

System ceiling

RAIO infraroodpaneel aan plafond


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Jan – Dorothé


We apply the infrared heating panels from RAIO in our KEKdnl studio and they DO work. Today, for example, we’ve one of those cool summer days. It’s raining and the sun is shining. Turn on the CHS right now hmmm. But that’s not necessary. You can simply switch on the panels and the cool feeling disappears immediately. We are very happy having them. A big plus is the ability to control them individually with the separate thermostat. In addition, my sister also enjoys them in her bathroom. The grandchildren stand underneath and say: it feels like the sun is shining. How warm it feels! We think the panels are a sustainable solution, they are great. 🤩

Tom Thys


The Raio panels are a real asset to my bathroom. A beautiful design that fits with any interior. The panel radiates a pleasant warmth and serves its purpose perfectly.

I recommend RAIO to anyone looking for an alternative and sustainable form of heating.

Guy Schepers


RAIO is highly recommended both as a product and as a supplier. The heating element provides wonderful warmth that is well distributed throughout the office space — ideal in the off-season as main heating and in winter as additional heating. Jordy and RAIO are very customer centric. Initially, a little difficult to install, but Jordy handled it conscientiously and skilfully. Very satisfied customer!

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