The RAIO infrared heating panel: Esther reports on her experience

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Hi, I’m Esther Philips and in this article, I share my experience with the RAIO infrared heating panel by telling the story of making our family home more sustainable.

Together with my husband Rob, I have 3 children: two sons and a daughter, lovely students, and as of September 2021 we also became proud grandparents of a beautiful granddaughter.

Since 1995, Spijkenisse is our home town, where we live in an energy-efficient family home.

Our house is the result of an energy-efficient project, where large glass walls are applied to serve as a buffer against cold and warmth.

12 years ago, we removed the old partition wall and had a new exterior façade with double HR++ glass installed, making our living room much more spacious and brighter. A nice move, considering the family expansion at the time!

Our next renovation was supposed to be the bathroom, but when I got pregnant with our third child, we had to postpone it for a while. In the meantime, we had already dismantled the central heating system, which of course turned the bathroom into a chilly in space. Back in 2006, when we realized the bathroom project, we skipped the central heating part…

When we were introduced to RAIO’s infrared heating panels, we were thrilled because it is an eco-friendly and blending in completely due to its beautiful, sleek design. The RAIO infrared panel emits a pleasant warmth that can be compared to the warmth of the spring sun on your skin. We both liked the fact that it is also very durable. RAIO panels save you money compared to conventional infrared systems thanks to the special graphene technology. RAIO does not heat the air in the room, but the objects in the room.

No need to be a handyman. You can easily install it yourself. However, if there’s a moment when you do not know what to do, RAIO is right there. We opted for wall mounting, but the ceiling is also an excellent place for these elegant elements.

The kitchen was renovated 3 years ago, and the addition of the pantry last year has given us a little more space in our house. By using a steel wall in the room, we keep the room bright and warm and still have contact with the living room!

We also had solar panels installed two years ago, which means we are doing even more for the environment… and the fact that we save money in the process is of course a bonus.

We still have some work to do, such as replacing the toilet, and the wooden floor in the living room needs to be sanded and protected.

Thank you for reading my story!

Greetings Esther Instagram @essie_1996