RAIO verwarmingspaneel voor badkamer

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The RAIO heating panel brings comfort and warm satisfaction to our bathroom

I would like to share my sincere satisfaction with the RAIO heating panel which we installed in our new bathroom.

Energie-efficiënte badkamer met infraroodverwarming

Er werd een energiezuinig infrarood verwarmingspaneel voor de badkamer gemaakt en geïnstalleerd.

Ontwerpers begonnen RAIO-panelen te gebruiken

Ontwerpers begonnen RAIO-panelen te gebruiken om het interieurontwerp te verbeteren en te besparen op verwarmingskosten.

Een milieuvriendelijke badkamerrenovatie werd gedaan

Ecologische renovatie van de badkamer met isolatie door Raio panelen.

Panelen geïnstalleerd in het nieuwe kantoor in Brussel

De panelen werden geïnstalleerd voor energie-efficiëntie en om een warme omgeving te creëren.

Verwarmingspaneel voor de woonkamer geïnstalleerd in een nieuw huis.

Verwarmingspaneel voor de woonkamer, geïnstalleerd in 2022 in een huis onder het Energiezuinig Huis programma.

Verwarmingspaneel voor het plafond in de keuken

Verwarmingspaneel voor het plafond in de keuken, geïnstalleerd volgens het project van de ontwerper.

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Jan – Dorothé


We apply the infrared heating panels from RAIO in our KEKdnl studio and they DO work. Today, for example, we’ve one of those cool summer days. It’s raining and the sun is shining. Turn on the CHS right now hmmm. But that’s not necessary. You can simply switch on the panels and the cool feeling disappears immediately. We are very happy having them. A big plus is the ability to control them individually with the separate thermostat. In addition, my sister also enjoys them in her bathroom. The grandchildren stand underneath and say: it feels like the sun is shining. How warm it feels! We think the panels are a sustainable solution, they are great. 🤩

Tom Thys


The RAIOpanels are a real asset to my bathroom. A beautiful design that fits with any interior. The panel radiates a pleasant warmth and serves its purpose perfectly.

I recommend RAIO to anyone looking for an alternative and sustainable form of heating.

Guy Schepers


RAIO is highly recommended both as a product and as a supplier. The heating element provides wonderful warmth that is well distributed throughout the office space — ideal in the off-season as main heating and in winter as additional heating. Jordy and RAIO are very customer centric. Initially, a little difficult to install, but Jordy handled it conscientiously and skilfully. Very satisfied customer!

Herbert Hansen


This summer we installed a panel in the bathroom. We first had to get used to it, but now we are very satisfied. It always feels comfortable, and with the thermostat all set, we can enjoy pleasant warmth every morning in our bathroom. The installation was very easy and the aftercare is wonderful.

Peter Appelmans


“RAIO by Spectra” heating panel is top: beautiful design, easy and safe installation, and gives off very pleasant warmth. Having tested other panels, I can say that the RAIO panel is the best on the market! Service is also top. I consider Spectra being a very professional company that produces high-quality heating panels, and I can recommend them to everyone! A very satisfied customer. 🙂

Krista Kunenborg


We are very satisfied with the heating panel we received. Chique design, pleasant warmth, and professional advice, in short: a good investment in sustainability.

Terre des Hommes Maastricht


We have installed RAIO heating panels from Spectra and are very satisfied with the way they heat the entire room. The customer service is also excellent.

Frankie Timmers


The product is easy to install myself after purchase… very energy efficient!!! Recommended…

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